Favorite New England Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are our favorite places. Long before Postcard became a reality we were traveling near and far to visit our favorite coffee shops or try out a new one. Everywhere we travel the first thing we do is find the best shop around. Luckily many of our all time favorites are in New England and we are able to visit them on the regular. These shops are places that we have not only enjoyed tasty coffee and treats but also places we have dreamed, laughed, made friends, and felt at home. Some of our favorite memories involve one of these shops.

1369 Coffee House- Cambridge, MA

Our “first” coffee shop. When we started dating Mike was living in Cambridge right down the street from 1369. Our drink of choice was a vanilla latte and this is the first place we experienced cold brew iced coffee!

Dotties Coffee Lounge - Pittsfield, MA

Dotties is an extra special coffee shop. So special in fact we hosted our wedding rehearsal dinner there! Dotties (and the owner Jess!) is one of the places that really inspired us to pursue our passion.

Tandem Coffee and Bakery- Portland, ME

Every trip to Maine requires a stop at Tandem. Not only is the coffee amazing (Mike compares all other cups of coffee to the Burundi he had at Tandem last year!) their baked goods are truly inspiring.

Barrington Coffee Roasters- Boston, MA

We have loved Barrington Coffee for a long time and were so excited a few years ago when they opened a shop in Boston that happened to be a perfect stop on our morning commute! We always know we are going to get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee when we stop here!

Lenox Coffee- Lenox, MA

Every trip to visit family in the Berkshires always ends with a stop at Lenox Coffee to grab drinks for the road! The shop is simple and small but no matter the order Iced, hot, espresso, or drip it is always the perfect road trip companion.

No. Six Depot- West Stockbridge, MA

This is the type of place you want to spend hours drinking coffee and reading. Located in an old railroad station and featuring an art gallery the space alone makes it worth a visit not to mention the freshly roasted coffee!

Behind The Bookstore- Edgartown, MA

Vacation coffee is our favorite, and when your vacation coffee is amazing that is even better! Behind the Bookstore features awesome roasters from around the country and also has a creative delicious food menu to make it a perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot.

Gracenote- Boston, MA

This quickly became our go to afternoon pick me up spot when we were both working in Boston right across the street! This little minimalist shop serves up some of the best espresso and was a destination for many an afternoon coffee date.

Thinking Cup- Boston, MA

Our first Boston coffee love. A perfect cozy escape from the office for a few minutes with a coffee and good book. This was our first taste of Stumptown Coffee and one of the first places we experienced pour over coffees.

Profile Coffee Bar- Portsmouth, NH

This is one of our newer favorites and has been a favorite stop when we are in New Hampshire. Serving delicious Counter Culture and we love that orange couch!

Little Wolf Coffee- Ipswich, MA

We quickly discovered this magical place after they opened and while we fell in love with the crisp space and perfect cappuccinos we knew we were hooked when we started to get to know Chris and Melissa. This is where our dreams started to become reality and we are so happy we get to drink their expertly roasted coffee every day!

Postcard Coffee Company- Peabody, MA

Last but not least! Our experiences at all of our favorite coffee shops helped us to plan and design the coffee shop we love to go to every single day. We want a place where people know they will get a great cup of coffee and feel welcomed to sit, read, chat, and dream.

Our son Finlay quickly learned and loves our coffee shop adventures as well (mostly for the treats!)

Our son Finlay quickly learned and loves our coffee shop adventures as well (mostly for the treats!)

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