Coffee for you. Coffee for me. 

We think that good (ok amazing) coffee and food should be simple and it should always be served in a welcoming environment with a smile.

Quality. We measure and time everything to make sure when it gets to you it is a drink or treat that we would want to enjoy ourselves.   We are constantly tasting and testing so we know everything we serve is delicious.  

We are the coffee loving couple, Michael and Melinda Walsh.  Postcard is the product of years of dreaming and planning.  After having our son, Finlay, we decided to stop dreaming and share our love of coffee and live out our passions.  We dove deep into the world of coffee to learn everything we could and began the journey by building a coffee cart in our backyard and served our first coffee at the Swampscott Farmers Market.  After an amazing summer we were hooked and knew we wanted to continue to share coffee.  

While we were browsing Craigslist for vehicles we could convert to a coffee truck we connected with Charae at The Children’s Piazza and learned about their new location including a separate cafe space.  It was the perfect fit and knew that it was the next step for Postcard.  Melinda quit her job in Corporate Human Resources and we went for it!

We are so excited to be where we are finally creating a space that we can share our love of coffee and provide a bright spot in everyone's day.